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The Original Food Pyramid Magnets

Refrigerator Magnets that Represent the Food Pyramid Items!
A Perfect Way to Keep Track of Your Nutrition! 

Fun and Easy to Keep Track of Daily Nutrition by Moving Magnets as Foods are Eaten!

Set Includes 24 Full Color 1" x 1" Magnets

Teaches Kids How to Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet!


So Simple it is Amazingly Effective in Setting Dietary Goals!


Makes a Very Thoughtful Gift!

Put them on your Fridge!


Pyramagnet List (24 Total):
~ 1 Vitamin
~ 1 Dessert
~ 3 Dairy
~ 3 Meat/Proteins
~ 4 Fruits
~ 6 Vegetables
~ 6 Breads/Cereals

Now With Three Bonus Magnets!

AM & PM Teethbrushing and Daily Exercise!


The Simplicity and Low Price Makes Pyramagnets Better Than The Rest!


Recent buyer feedback:

"...you look at them to see what you need instead of just looking in the fridge to see what might look good."

"Hi! I just wanted to let you know I received the Pyramagnets, and I love them.  I am using them to chart what my family eats and how many calories we are eating each day.  Thanks so much for your product."

"Good transaction I am a satisfied customer"

"Quick ship and product as described A+ transaction"

"Exactly as described, and it came with so many magnets! Fast shipping"

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